Team Coach

Coach Eric embarked on his climbing journey in 1992/1993. In 1994 he began his competition career, From 1995 to 1999,  Eric was one of the top competitors in the US, never placing below fifth at any national competition and the first generation Junior climbing competition association youth climber or what is now known as USA climbing.

In 1997 against his parents wishes, Eric moved out to Colorado. Still in high school and at 17 years old he got a job at a local climbing gym and began his career as a full-time competition and commercial route setter. Working with setters like Kevin Branford, Mike Ponte, and Aaron Prutty. In the years that followed Eric would travel around and his Dodge pick up moving from climbing back up to climbing Mecca working as a  route setter or construction / landscaper living the lifestyle of a professional Dirtbag climber putting up hundreds of FA's all over the country.

In 2000 here also began his coaching career. Helping youth climbers at the Gyms he would work at during the winters when it was too cold to work outside so Eric would route set and coach. In 2002 he started his first team back home in Louisville Kentucky and after the gym closed in 2004 Eric hit the road again and went back to the Red River Gorge and then out to Arkansas, we're from 2005 through 2008 he again put up hundreds of FA's. 

In 2008 Eric move from Arkansas to Cincinnati Ohio where he became the head coach of the Cincinnati slopers by 2009 he was taking a lot of kids to both bouldering and sport climbing nationals. After handing over the Cincinnati program in 2011 Eric moved up to Cleveland Ohio where he started his next team. And finally in 2015 move down to begin setting and coaching at both Stone Summit facilities. Eric is also a certified personal trainer with the (American school of sports medicine) and has been certified since 2012. Coaching all kids of any age any ability even children with special needs. 

Eric's hit list
China beach.         5.14a/b Rumney, New Hampshire
Horse latitudes      5.14a    VRG, Arizona
The prophet.          5.13+.   HCR, Arkansas
Black gold.            5.13b/c RRG, Kentucky
Antihero.                V12/13  HCR, Arkansas
One inch pinch.     V12      Cowell, Arkansas
Kneeling before power V10/11 HCR, Arkansas
Before the storm.  V10 FA Shepherd Springs Arkansas
Knuckle sandwich V10 FA    HCR, Arkansas
Beauty school dropout V9 FA Lake Lincoln, Arkansas