Youth Competition Climbing 101

Did you know that you can compete in the sport of climbing just like Football, Baseball, and Soccer? Join us on March 16th from 9am - 12pm for a FREE Youth Competition Climbing clinic to learn more. You will be able to see and participate in all three disciplines of climbing Bouldering, Sport Climbing and Speed Climbing. Coaches and Team Members will be there to show you the ropes and let you try out each one for FREE.

As a new sport in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, even a featured sport on ESPN. Youth climbing teams are growing all over the country, featuring a community of climbers who train and compete alongside each other as teammates and friends.


Climbers ascend shorter walls with powerful & dynamic movements without ropes over padded floors.


Climbers tie into ropes and climb as high as they can.


READY! SET! GO!!! Climb as fast as you can to reach the top and hit the buzzer.