Bouldering Training Camp

This is a very unique opportunity to train with youth competitors from all over the country and prepare athletes for the Divisionals & National Championships. This one of a kind camp is taught by both Nationally and Internationally renowned coaches. The camp will combine intensive training with new teaching methodologies. This camp is open to all USA Youth Climbers competing in the upcomping USA Climbing Boulder Divisional Championships.

  • Jacky Godoffe -  Renowed IFSC and Head Bouldering Setter for France
  • Josh Larson - Head Coach of the USA Adult Team
  • Claudiu Vidulescu - Head Coach of the USA Youth Team
  • Meg Coyne - Assistant Coach of the USA Youth TEam
  • Jakie Pettitt & Olexiy Shul'ga - Head Coaches for the Stone Summit Climbing Team