Dion Kelivanov

Team Coach

It can be said that Dion always had a vertical infatuation. Then he discovered climbing in 2007 at his university wall and fell in love. Climbing was yet another reason to be in nature pushing one's limits, both physical and mental. After over a decade exploring his love for the sport through both regional and international climbing trips, in 2017, Dion decided to venture out west on a 7 month pursuit of some of the most highly admonished and esteemed destinations; Yosemite, Tahoe, Indian Creek, Red Rock, Bishop, Joshua Tree. But something made him long for community and a sense of home... That's when Atlanta called him back to the beloved Southeast and he decided to take on climbing from a different perspective. Equipped with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and Health, an Exercise Physiologist Certification, and 12+ years of rock climbing experience, Dion now channels his passion, knowledge, and psych through coaching. His focus is mostly on injury prevention through mastery of the basic fundamentals of body alignment both in motion and static posture.