Jake Wylie

Team Coach

My name is Jake Wylie. I coach Klub, Apex, Ascent and Vertifcal as well as work the front desk at both Stone Summit Atlanta and Midtown. I have been climbing for three and a half years, ever since I walked into the Georgia State University rock wall. From there, I began to indulge the sport whenever possible. I moved onto the competitive team at Georgia State, started climbing outside, got a membership at Stone Summit, befriended amazing people within community, and eventually lead myself to working and coaching in this community. I have been coaching kids in various sports, like soccer and tennis, for over 5 years now, and being that climbing is a passion of mine, it comes very naturally with the kids. I grew up in Roswell, Georgia and currently go to Emory University studying Applied Mathematics. Every single practice, I bring a positive and approachable attitude so that our students always feel comfortable at practice!