Team Coach

Levi started climbing locally at Escalade Climbing gym and was hooked instantly. He was always athletic but never quite found the right sport that clicked until he found climbing. Since then he's been very passionate about every aspect of climbing and is always looking for opportunities to share his knowledge with others. 

Levi has tried to gain as much climbing experience as possible by trying out many different types of climbing, from multi pitch trad climbing to competition climbing. He continues to look for more things to improve in his own climbing so that he can improve others. He is very passionate about the next generation of climbers and will do everything in his power to see all of them reach their full potential. In his coaching, he strongly stresses the importance of injury prevention, through consistent stretching, risk management, and the use of proper technique. 

He has climbed all over the southeast and hopes to travel to the west coast, and possibly abroad very soon. When he is not climbing he is in school preparing for nursing school, enjoying other activities such as yoga, hiking, mountain biking, and simply adventuring.