USA Climbing Sport & Speed Open Nationals

USA Climbing Sport & Speed Open Nationals

What a great showing for our Team Stone Summit climbers at the recent 2019 Open Sport & Speed Nationals event in Alexandria, Virginia this weekend.

They announced the Olympic Team groups at the end of the event; Team Member Zach Galla is officially beginning training for the 2020 Olympic Games with the crew of 4 women and 4 men. Congratulations, Zach!

Also a very big congratulations to two of our younger climbers -- SPEED Gold Medalist, EMMA HUNT and SPORT Silver Medalist, ZANDER WALLER for their podium finishes at this event.

ALL of our climbers did a spectacular job at the event -- here is the report from Coach Olexiy:

This is very unexpected!

Our team went to 2019 Sport&Speed Open Nationals with only one thing to get experience and to explore the field of high-level competition. (Well, maybe I was the only one who was thinking this way.)

It turned out that our teammates did an amazing job both Friday AND on Saturday.

Congratulations to Emma Hunt with 1st place in Speed and Zander Waller with 2nd place in Sport!

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard this weekend - I am very proud of all of you:


  • Womens:

    • Emma 1

    • Amanda W 7

    • Amanda B 8

  • Mens:

    • Josh 5

    • Luke 6

    • Zach 10

    • Ethan G 16

    • Charlie 18

    • Thomas 19

    • Zander 27


  • Mens:

    • Zander 1

    • Luke 9

    • Zach 13

    • Thomas 39

    • Josh 40

    • Ethan H 61

    • Charlie 73

    • Ethan G 75

  • Womens:

    • Amanda B 27

    • Emma 29

    • Amanda W 59

With over 92 Male competitors for Sport, 75 Female competitors for Sport, 61 Males competitors for Speed and 50 Female competitors for Speed, our team had a collectively amazing showing this year. Congratulations to ALL of you! Thank you for your great efforts in all!


Team Stone Summit 2019 Team Bouldering National Champions

Last weekend the Stone Summit Team won the 2019 Team Bouldering National Championship. The team sent 18 climbers to Bend, Oregon to compete in the Youth National Championships and came away with the title. Congratulations to all our competitors on a job well done.


First practice at the new Training Center

First practice at the new Training Center

Hi ALL! First practice at the new Training Center went down last night; climbers were stoked! To add to that excitement we have raised just over $4000 toward our $10,000 for the holds currently up on the walls in the training center, and the holds we will acquire as we reach our goal! Please consider donating if you have not already - donation link is up online and ready to go! To check out the progress of the center AND/or donate - here is the link:

2018 Sport & Speed Divisional Championships

Many many thanks to the parents who manage great shots of most of our climbers during the competitions held throughout the year. We are very thankful to be able to see some of these shots, especially when so many parents are tied up with volunteering and/or videotaping their climbers on the wall instead of taking pictures. Many parents rarely get photos of their kids climbing so to have parents step up and take loads of random shots is amazing. At this year's Divisonals held this past weekend, special thanks goes to parent, Jane Davis and parent, Jennifer Hunt, who collectively took all of these photos. So much appreciation from everyone to both of you!

Send City Sport Climbing Competition

This weekend has been packed with activity for so many of our Team Stone Summit climbers! Saturday morning was a great USAC local competition that went smoothly, thanks to the many parent/staff volunteers who helped make things run and, of course, Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Center - who hosted the event! Thank you to ALL of you. Next up was the afternoon Stone Summit Climbing Gym SEND CITY - the second annual ropes competition open to the public AND our team athletes. Thank you to Jennifer Hunt, who caught photos of some of our team climbers AND some of our team PARENTS, who brought some GAME to the competition. Congratulations to everyone, from both comps; looks like everyone had a fun day!

Speed Training Camp

This weekend coaches Olexiy Shulga and Yaroslav Gontaryk hosted 20 climbers from all over the US for a 3 intensive camp to get ready for Speed season. Check out our Camps page for additional traning camps throughout the year.

USA Climbing Youth Bouldering National Championships

Thank you to all the parents, kids and the coaches for all the hard work and support this past bouldering season.  17 of our climbers competed in the USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Championships.

Team Stone Summit Division 6 Bouldering Team Champions

Team Stone Summit Division 6 Bouldering Team Champions

Yesterday we wrapped the Divisional Championship in Augusta GA. Our team performed very well and even though we had a couple heartbreaks we received 17 invitations to Bouldering Nationals in SLC, UTah. Team Stone Summit also won the Divisional Team Championship with 910 points out of a possible 1000. 

Thank you to all the parents, kids and the coaches for all the hard work and support so far this season. Now on to Bouldering Nationals!