Day one in the books for this year's Bouldering Training Camp here at Stone Summit Kennesaw in Atlanta. Update from Coach C: This year’s Bouldering Training Camp has all the ingredients to be special and very beneficial for all the participants. It is the first official international training camp designed for Bouldering and is already gearing up for a great training week. We have route setters and coaches from France, Slovenia and USA in attendance, setting world standard bouldering problems for the climbers to train on each day. And even more importantly, we have 7 French National Team members training alongside our USA athletes. Welcome to Coach Daniel Dulac and his team members! Yesterday was the first day of the camp and it ended up being very successful right from the start with a seamless integration between the two countries. The route setters put up a really good set of boulders that were super challenging but very fun. Everyday the athletes will be exposed to different scenarios that will put them to the test both physically and mentally. Get psyched for today, climbers, it's ON!