AY 1 END-OF-DAY UPDATE FROM COACH C: With the introduction of coaches and training format for the camp over this morning, all the athletes took the opportunity to choose their respective Camp Group (Sport Only, Sport & Speed, Speed Only) and warm up began. Once climbing started, coaches were happy to see that most of the climbers looked well-rested and pretty psyched to get acquainted with the new routes and boulders available to train on. This year, for speed, we have the addition of auto belays fo the C & D speed routes. This means we are able to run both groups much more efficiently and it gives all the athletes more time to rest and prepare for each run (instead of having to belay and pull ropes for a partner). Group 1 trained on SSK routes today while Group 2 trained on boulders - both of these groups were given the opportunity to onsight in the morning session. Across the board it was a really good first, intro day to camp this year; we had strong performances in all 3 disciplines by just about all of the campers this year. Tomorrow, I look forward to seeing all of our Sport climbers tomorrow on ropes at SSA (this includes our SPORT ONLY climbers and our SPORT & SPEED climbers) while all of our Speed-Only climbers will train speed at SSK. Good night to everyone and get a good night's sleep!