DAY 2 - UPDATE FROM COACH C: Today was the first time we have split Pre Nationals training between two locations and it worked out really well. Group 1 and 2 (Sport Only and Sport & Speed) climbers were at Stone Summit Atlanta and Group 3 (Speed Only) along with some of the people from Group 2 trained at Stone Summit Kennesaw. The day at SSA started with a Flash format simulation and every athlete was placed in a group and allocated 2 routes to climb. Unfortunately the exercise took a little longer than anticipated and some of the athletes from one group had to finish their second route at the beginning of the second session. During the second session, most of the focus was on onsighting and redpointing on routes followed by circuits in the Training Center. At Stone Summit Kennesaw, the main focus was on Speed for the entire first session then on onsighting and redpointing routes during the second session. According to all of the coaches, all of the athletes displayed good form and climbed strong. While we still have to work on some small details, we are well on our way in getting everyone ready for Nationals. Thank you to Jennifer Hunt for today's pictures!