Nicole Mejia
Team Coach

Nicole is currently a coach for the teams Klub, Peak, Apex, and Ascent. When not with the kids at practice, she can be found working the front desk at Stone Summit, teaching new climbers how to belay, or forerunning the latest routes set in the gym. Over two years ago, March 2015, she was introduced to climbing and the obsession has only grown since. Though starting off in the gym, Nicole will jump at any chance to take the sport outside amid friends and nature. Along with her love for hiking, camping, and trail running, she believes climbing is the perfect vehicle to an active, healthy, and rewarding life. She figures if you take care of your body by eating clean and staying fit, you are that much more able to challenge yourself mentally and reach greater heights (literally). 

Coaching for the young, up and coming climbers could not have combined Nicole’s passion for the sport and love for people, especially kids, any better. She takes her role as a positive influence, instructor, and source of encouragement seriously, while still being sure to have fun and get down on their level. The opportunity to share climbing with these enthusiastic, energetic kids each practice is rewarding and worthwhile. Her favorite moments are when the kids can push past the personal constraints they have set for themselves due to fear, lack of confidence, or preconceived physical setbacks. Even if they do not make it to the top of the wall that day, every new move made is that much more of a victory.