Randy Blount
Team Coach

With over 10 years of climbing experience enriched with coaching, competing and route setting, he is extremely passionate about contributing as much as he can to the sport and its community. A piece of that passion lies heavily within teaching the youth. Randy believes that there is more to building the next generation of climbers than just giving them the tools to becoming physically strong. Specifically, He is a firm believer that strengthening the mental aspect of young athletes is crucial for success. Furthermore, he hopes to learn as much as he teaches, believing that there is always room for self improvement and is passionate about to sharing his love for climbing with the new generation of climbers.

Randy was exposed to climbing by a friend taking him to a small gym in Kennesaw, Georgia, where he became addicted to the sport. Some of his most memorable and favorite ascents include Testify v12 Obed, TN; Foundation V11 Laurel Snow, TN; The Last Of Us v10/11 (First ascent) Dawsonville, GA; Ebola v11/12 LRC, AL;  Gross' Roof (v11) Cumberland, TN; Golden Harvest (v10) Rocktown, GA; Hustle and Flow v10 Hospital Boulders, AL; Biggie Shorty (v10) Stone Fort, TN; Innovation v9 Little Horse Town, AL; Word Up (5.13b) LRC, AL; Show Boat (5.13b/c) LRC, AL; Ethnic Cleansing (5.12b) Foster Falls, TN.